A Root Canal Can Help You To Improve Your Smile Before Christmas

Pain and cost may be springing to your mind at the thought of a root canal. But do you even know what a canal is? A root canal treatment is virtually painless and often leaves you in a comfortable position during recovery than if you have your natural tooth extracted. It is a dental treatment for removing an infection from within the tooth and also to protect it from infections in the future. This endodontic therapy is conducted in the pulp of the tooth which is known as the root canal.

A root canal can leave you smiling and having your favorite foods during Christmas which you wouldn’t want to miss out. If you are scheduled to have a root canal it is suggested that you undergo the procedure to keep your smile working brilliantly during Christmas.

The Benefits of Saving Your Natural Tooth

Many clinical reasons exist for needing treatment for a root canal but saving your natural tooth is also a choice. Endodontic treatment can help you to maintain your natural smile, enjoy the foods you want and will limit the need for dental work frequently. With proper care, the success of treatment is extremely high and people that have had this treatment enjoy having their natural teeth in their mouth for a lifetime.

Facts about Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is helpful to remove the nerves from the pulp of a tooth. It is a pain-relieving treatment in contrast with the belief that it is extremely painful. The procedure is known as endodontic therapy although it is often referred to as a root canal. The cost of the treatment will vary but is an affordable option when compared to having a tooth removed and replaced with a bridge or a crown.

Is the Root Canal Painless As Described?

The treatment for a root canal is virtually painless and often leaves you in a comfortable position during recovery than having a natural tooth extracted. Effective anesthesia and modern techniques have ensured that patients who experience root canals are likely to describe it as a painless procedure by around six times than the patients who have extracted a tooth.

Steps During A Root Canal Therapy

This endodontic therapy is conducted in three steps and requires between 1 to 3 sessions for completion. The endodontist will begin the procedure by removing everything from within the root canal. You will be administered local anesthesia as the practitioner makes a tiny hole on the surface of the tooth to remove the infected pulp tissue with tiny files.

After the initial procedure, the endodontist will clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow area with the use of tiny files and irrigation solutions. The tooth will then be filled with a rubber-like material along with adhesive cement for sealing the canals completely. The tooth is considered as demised after root canal therapy. As the nerve tissue has been removed the patient is unlikely to feel any pain in the tooth.

Finally, the endodontist will add a filling or crown to offer protection to the tooth because without the pulp it will not receive the nourishment it needs from the ligaments that attach the tooth to the bone. Patients are advised not to chew or bite on the tooth until the crown of filling has been completed.

The treatment generally requires just one appointment but if your mouth has large infections, curved canals, multi-canals you may require additional appointments with the dentist.

People generally fear a root canal with the belief that it will be painful without understanding that the treatment by itself does not cause pain but helps to alleviate it. Patients will experience some tenderness after the therapy but it is just temporary and can be dealt with by over-the-counter medications. If needed the endodontist may also recommend prescription drugs such as codeine for relief. Antibiotics may also be prescribed for preventing any infections.

If you have been recommended to undergo a root canal it is suggested that you schedule an appointment with your dentist right away as Christmas is still a couple of months from arriving. You can complete the root canal treatment, save your teeth, and the success of the treatment will leave you smiling on December 25, 2019. Put your fears behind you because the root canal will relieve the pain you are feeling rather than cause it.

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