5 Common Myths About Teeth Whitening

You’ve most likely heard about professional teeth whitening treatments offered at a dentist near you in Spring Valley, NY. And you’ve probably also seen the many advertisements for over-the-counter products and wondered if they can give you the smile of your dreams without a dental appointment. While these products – gels, toothpaste, and strips – can be somewhat effective, they will not produce the same quick and dramatic results that you see with professional treatment. Keep reading to learn more about the myths surrounding teeth whitening.

Myth #1 Teeth Whitening Is Unavailable for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth require special care. For that reason alone, it’s recommended that over-the-counter products not be used. Instead, a visit to a local Spring Valley, NY dentist office will afford you the supervision required to handle your sensitive situation.

Myth #2: Whitening the Teeth Damages Tooth Enamel

This is a tricky one. When bleaching agents are used in a professional dental setting, there is little risk that your enamel will become damaged. However, when using at-home products without professional supervision, the risk does exist. For that one reason alone, professional teeth whitening is always recommended for DIY methods.

Myth #3: One Teeth Whitening Procedure is All You Will Ever Need

Although tooth whitening can be permanent, the fact remains that most individuals ingest foods and liquids that will slowly stain teeth over time. Remember, when you have a professional whitening treatment, you’re lightening your teeth, not covering them with a coat of armor! Proper oral hygiene practices will still need to be adhered to, and touch-ups can often be made during your regular exam appointments.

Myth #4: Whitening Works on Veneers and Dental Restorations

The chemical components of whitening materials – both professional and over-the-counter – are designed to work on natural teeth only. For this reason, you should schedule your dental veneer or dental restoration appointment in advance of your whitening appointment. This way, the restoration can be made in anticipation of whiter surrounding teeth.

Myth #5: Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Are Equal to The One’s Dentists Use

We’ve already touched on this by commenting on Myth #2, but to answer it very succinctly, over-the-counter products are not equal in their lightening ability – both from a color and time perspective – to a professional treatment. For this busted myth alone, you should always select professional tooth whitening from a multi-specialty dentist in Spring Valley like Alan Pressman DMD if time and money are important to you.

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